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2020 Stay Gold

Suzhou Tongda Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a high tech enterprise focusing on R&D,production and selling extrusion blow molding machines.Its products cover lots of fields like plastic containers,fittings of cars,solar base etc.The enterprise own 39 patents and 32 patents for utility model.During the 2019-nCov,the supply of disinfectant bottles and barrels is short of demand and the number of order shows a swift growth after the Spring Festival.Along with the prevention and control of epidemic,our process of work resumption is fast and stable.

Remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind.Although the profit of mask machine and melt blown is high during the 2019-nCov,we still focus on our professional field and keep providing high quality service for our customers.In April,we have 136 orders and the total sales reach to 10000000USD.

In the production assembly workshop,workers stand in front of the operation platform carrying out welding,assembly and other production process in order,with machines roaring,the whole workshop is full of busy and energetic atmosphere.

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