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How do we make stackable can? And Which machine we use?

Before manufacturing the oil can, we need to make sure that we have the necessary equipment and personnel available. You need HDPE raw materials, masterbatch, and machine operators.

1) HDPE Raw Material



1.100% New material
2.100% Cleaner recycled materials recovered in the metal-free recycled materials market
Recycled material
3.70% new material +30%trimming material
4.Black color masterbatch-HDPE formula (1:100)
5.Other color materbatch-HDPE(2:100)
The formula should be changed according to the customer’s requirements, the types of oil cans on the market should be analyzed, and the market to which the oil cans are located should be selected.

2) Stackable can Making Machine

Machine model HTII-12L HTSII-12L HSII-12L HTII-18L HSII-20L TDB-25F TDB-50F HTII-30L HSII-30L
Volume range 1-~12L 1-~12L 1-~12L 1~18L 1~20L 5L~25L 20~50L 10L~30L 10~30L
Automatic deflashing NO YES YES NO YES NO YES YES YES
Plasticize Output 130kg 130kg 180kg 130kg 230kg 180kg 160kg 230kg 230kg
Head Single Single Single Single Single Single Single Single Single
5L 90~110 100~120 120~140 / / / / / /
10L 90~110 110~130 120~140 95~110 120~140 50~60 / / 120~140
15L / / / 90~110 120~140 50~60 / / 120~140
20L / / / 85~100 110~130 50~60 50~60 80~100 110~130
25L / / / / / 45~50 45~55 80~100 100~120
30L / / / / / / 40~50 75~90 90~110
Above output all for a standard weight ,Specifically, the design and weight of the stacking barrel have a lot to do with it. The output is only for reference.
(TDB series )
If you are a new industry entrant, choosing HT series is a very good choice. The machine is very cost-effective and easy to operate. This is a classic machine.
(HT series )
But if you already have a wealth of experience, then choose the HS series, the machine will have a higher degree of automation, which can save labor and time, the ability to automatically collect flash is also better, and the energy-saving effect of the equipment is obvious.
HTS series
For engineers who have some operating experience, they have used some blow molding machines before and want to realize the function of automatic flash removal. This one is very suitable. This machine is automatically equipped with a cylinder and the flash mold is installed on the machine. Very stable and easy to operate. At the same time, we design flash collection by ourselves, which can greatly reduce labor during production.
HS series

Your Operator Staff how to start:

First , you have to pick up good experience engineer who is good at mechanical debugging and electrical construction level. Blow moulding, also called hollow blow moulding, is a rapidly developing plastic processing method. The tubular plastic parison obtained by extrusion or injection molding of the thermoplastic resin is placed in a split mold while it is hot (or heated to a softened state). After the mold is closed, compressed air is injected into the parison to blow the plastic parison It expands and clings to the inner wall of the mold, and after cooling and demolding, various hollow products are obtained. The debugger needs to have enough knowledge about the temperature of the resin, the temperature of the mold, and some processes. To have an understanding of the various functions of the machine and what it means, then you can have a definite target. It is also very important for the manufacturer’s guidance. There are many excellent experts and process analysts in the same big company. We have made tens of thousands of products and are well aware of the unique debugging process of each product.

How to choose the suitable extrusion blow molding machine for producing your stackable jerry can?

How to choose machine size according to the stackable jerry can volume? Please check the chart below:
Volume Range Machine model
5L & 10L HT-12L/1, HTII-12L/1
HTS-12L/1, HTSII-12L/1
HS-12L/1, HSII-12L/1
20L HT-18L/1, HTII-18L/1
25L TDB-25F
HT-30L/1, HTII-30L/1
HS-30L/1, HSII-30L/1
30L HT-30L/1, HTII-30L/1
HS-30L/1, HSII-30L/1
If you’re a starter, and only want to produce 5L/10L/5L & 10L stackable jerry can, then we recommend HT-12L/1 model machine, and do not equip the auto-deflashing function and device on the mold, pear off the scraps by manual. This series machine is our classical machine, it is stable and cost effective, quite suitable for starters. If budget is enough, and want higher output, then can choose double station model HTII-12L/1.
If you produce 5L & 10L stackable jerry can, and prefer machine which can save more labors, then we recommend HTS series. This series machine is with auto-deflashing function and device, then the mold add the de-flashing part, then you will get the stackable jerry can as it looks like, the scraps will be moved by the machine. Also choose double station or single station according to the output you require.
If you produce 5L/10L/5L & 10L stackable jerry can, and you want higher output and enery save, our HS series machine is suitable for you. This series machine is equipped with servo hydraulic control system to save energy, and the mold moving action is controlled by proportional servo control system, which has much higher responding speed and movements with higher precision and stable.
Proportional servo valve:Its mold moving action is controlled by proportional servo control system, which has much higher responding speed and movements with higher precision and stable.

valve intergration board on HS series machine, the left and right are the proportional servo valve for mold moving

valve intergration board for HTS series machine, without servo valves
Servo motor:The motor used on the main oil pump of HS series machine is servo motor. It can save power and also can make the oil temperature lower than using normal motor.
Double guide-rail:Our HS series machine are equipped with double guide-rails. Besides the guide-rails for mold moving, we also equip guide-rails for mold open & close.

Guiderail for mould moving

Guiderail for mould open & close

If you’re a starter, want to produce 20L stackable jerry can, we first recommend HT-18L series. This series is classic and stable. With continious type die head, the output is a bit higher than the TDB-25F model. Also you can choose single station and double station.
If you want to produce 20L & 25L stackable jerry can, then we recommend our accumulator type die head model TDB-25F machine. This machine is equipped with servo hydraulic control system.
If you want to produce 25L & 30L stackable jerry can, then we recommend TDB-50F machine. This is also our classic machine, can produce product size up to 50L. If you want to produce 25L & 30L stackable jerry can, and want high output, then you can also choose our HT-30L series machine, with continous type die head, also can choose single station and double station. If you not only pay attention to the output, also prefer energy save, then we also recommend HS-30L series. This series machine is equipped with servo hydraulic control system to save energy, and the mold moving action is controlled by proportional servo control system, which has much higher responding speed and movements with higher precision and stable.

How to find a reliable supplier when you are ready to buy machines?

1)Confirm whether the supplier has its own factory or trading company. Generally speaking, suppliers with their own factories are more reliable.
2)Learn the hard power of the factory, including floor area, registered capital, qualification, processing capacity, manufacturing capacity, etc;
3)Learn the soft power of the factory, including company culture, personnel allocation, technical research and development strength, service ability, etc;
4)Ask supplier provide relevant product videos and customer cases for reference.
5)Discuss project details with suppliers in detail and judge whether the supplier is professional through communication.
6)To learn the position and situation of the company in the industry through domestic friends or peer friends;
7)Through the video call, watch the factory live, understand the actual operation.
8)If conditions permit, visit the factory and judge the actual situation and professional level of the factory through field investigation and face-to-face communication.

Zhangjiagang City is one of the important regions for plastic machinery manufacturing in China, especially with strong strength in extrusion blow moulding machines. Here are many large and small manufacturers. When you are ready to buy a blow molding machine to make jerry can, you may be confused and don’t know how to find a professional and reliable supplier. In the following we would like to share a few tips for you. As you know, a professional and qualified extrusion blow moulding machine has nearly 1000 small parts inside it, and it is difficult for you to be familiar with all parts. It is not necessary for you to know all of them. You just need to pay attention to some important parts of the blow moulding machine as follow:
4.1 Extrusion & Die System
The biggest and important parts for the single screw extruder are the gearbox, screw and barrel, driving motor, and electrics.
Gearbox: We only use KEWEI brand gearbox for single screw extruder which is a top brand in China. You can find the brand name and picture of gearbox here:

KEWEI gearbox for single screw extrusion machine

Screw and barrel: The performance of the screw determines the productivity, plasticization quality, dispersion of additives, melt temperature, power consumption, etc. of an extruder, which directly affects the scope of application and production efficiency of the extruder. Through the rotation of the screw, the plastic can be squeezed so that the plastic can move, pressurize and obtain some heat from friction in the barrel. The plastic is mixed and plasticized during the movement of the barrel, and the viscous fluid is melted. When the body is extruded and flows through the die, it obtains the desired shape and is formed. Like the barrel, the screw is made of high-strength, heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant alloy steel. The most common screw diameter is 45-150mm. As the screw diameter increases, the production efficiency of the extruder is also significantly improved. The ratio of the effective length to the diameter of the working part of the screw is referred to as the length-to-diameter ratio, usually 10 to 42. When the length-to-diameter ratio is large, the temperature distribution of the material can be improved, which is conducive to the mixing and plasticization of plastics, and can reduce leakage and reverse flow, and improve the production capacity of the extruder.

single screw extrusion and barrel

What we also need to know is the process of its surface, whether they are bi-metallic or Polymer screw. The cost of Polymer screw processing is higher than bi-metallic. Polymer screw processing is suitable for your use.
Driving Motor: SIEMENS brand is our prior choice, and it is AC type, but you should know that all Siemens brand is made in China.

Siemens Driving Motor

Electrics: These are the brands of electric devices that we use in production, but you can also compare these with other brands.

Name Supplier
Microcomputer Control System MITSUBISHI PLC, Japan
Parison Controller MOOG ,Japan or AUTOMATA,GERMANY
Contactor SCHNEIDER, France
Air Switch SCHNEIDER, France
Motor SIMENS BEIDE, Germany
Power Resource MEAN WELL, Taiwan
Relay OMRON, Japan
Transducer GERMANJET, GermanyOR GEFRAN, Italy
Solid state relay ARICO, Taiwan
Servo valve Rexroth,Germany
Servo pump Sumitomo,Japan

As you know that plastic extrusion blow molding machines is supposed to work non-stop in your plant, electric parts are very easy to be damaged if the quality is not good. You can find electric parts from international manufacturers in your market, but prices would be much higher than those in the Chinese market. We always recommend opting for our after-sales service, because you can also find counterfeit products in your local market. Anyway, we only need to know what brand they use in their machine when you are visiting plastic extrusion blow molding machines manufacturing factories in China.
4.2 Die Head
The die head is the forming part of the extrusion machine, which mainly includes the head, mandrel, die mouth, core model, adjusting screw, etc. The die head is connected with the extruder. The extruder provides a plasticized plastic melt with a certain temperature, pressure, viscosity, and runner speed for the die. After the plastic melt enters the die, the original spiral motion mode is changed to the linear motion mode. The flow and shear process of the melt in the runner makes the plastic melt further uniform. The melt is decompressed in the flow channel to make the speed uniform, and the melt is further compressed and pressurized to generate the necessary molding pressure to make the extruded product compact. Finally, the melt undergoes the forming section of the die to become a parison with a certain cross-sectional shape and size, and the parison is then processed and cooled to form a product. Die heads have multiple forms of single-layer, double-layer, multi-layer, and single-die, double-die, and multi-die.

Die head

For plastic extruding die head, you would need to use it several times to know its quality. A good blow molding machine die head has better rheological properties, which can make the plastic melt have a better preform structure, and at the same time, it is easier to change the material and color of the plastic material.
4.3 Mold Opening and Closing System
Different blow moulding machine have different models and series, and different models may have different mold opening and closing devices.
Mold opening and closing and mold moving are generally controlled by linear guide rails or a combination of linear guide rails and servo hydraulic valves. If you care about the accuracy of products and products, you can choose linear guides and servo hydraulic valves to control the machine’s mold opening and closing and mold moving; If your priority is the price factor, you can choose linear guides to control the machine’s mold opening closing and mold moving.

controlled by linear guide rails
Controlled by combination of linear guide rails and servo hydraulic valves

If the mold opening and closing situation of the machine is similar, you can compare their clamping force. Generally speaking, a machine with a large clamping force can reduce the impact of product flash and make it easier to remove flash. Therefore, it is better to choose a product with a large clamping force when choosing a machine.
4.4 Control System
Human-machine interface: Human-machine interface control panel screen has such functions as follow: visual display providing the best support to easily set, search, change and store the parameters, the controlling system has self-diagnosis, functions, the malfunctions can be displayed on the screen. Now we usually adopt INOVANCE brand.

Parison Controller: Parison control system uses MOOG 100 parison programmer and it is uses specially designed separated hydraulic power package to control the movement of cylinder, which has high precision.
MOOG 100 point Parison Controller

4.5 Hydraulic System: Hydraulic controlling system uses servo-controlled technology to control the movements of actuators and all the elements used in hydraulic system are famous brands such as Japan YUKEN, it has advantages as follow: quick response and high energy-efficiency. Optional hydraulic system could save about 50% energy.

What auxiliary machines you need whenenen buying jerry can making machine.


Loader is used to feed the material to the hopper. It helps save labor from carrying materials. By blocking the transport system, it improves the workshop environment, reduce pollution and ambient temperature. When choose auto-loader, as most jerry cans are 1 liters, 4liters and 5 liters, and the weight usually won’t over 250g, so 400kg/hour is enough.

Cooling water is mostly used to cool the mold. (1) If the mold to hot, it is not easy to molding the products. (2) Facilitate the demold, then the jerry can won’t stick to the mold. (3) Decrease the time high pressure inflate, after that the cycle time can be faster.

Mixer are used to mix up raw material and color master batch to make the jerry can have attractive colors. Or it can mix up virgin material and recycled material, helping save cost of materials. Control box sends signal to the motor, and it starts rotating. Motor main shaft drives blades to mix different materials with the rotation, which evenly mix the material in short cycle. When timer of the control box reaches set time, the motor stops. At this time, open the discharge port of the hopper, and discharge the material. Then, the mixing is finished.

During processing progress, there will be waste material or some failed jerry cans. Crusher is suitable for granulating plastic material. The waste materials enter the cutting chamber via material inlet (A). The rotary blade (B) and fixed blade (C) granulate the materials. The particle size is controlled by the size of screen (D). The screen (D) is located at the bottom of cutting chamber. Thus it is convenient to replace screen to other different sizes.The granulated materials are dropped into the storage box (E) via the screen and be conveyed via discharging pipe (F). Use feeding blower to absorb the granulated materials into cyclone dust collector to separate the air and dust. The particles can be reused directly or sent to somewhere for storage after being granulated.
5.Air compressor

We usually supply customers with a set of air compressor which consists of air dryer, filter and air tank. Many functions need compressed air, such as high pressure inflate, deflashing, cutter and so on.
For stackable cans, the air compressor we recommend at around 1~1.5 m³/min.

There are still many other auxiliary engines that improve the automation of your company, helps save labor and increase the production efficiency.

What do you need to prepare before getting the jerry can manufacturing machine?

First of all, you have to conform the area you need for your plant. After the machines arriving at your factory, the first step is to install the legs and adjust the balance of them. Also, you need to tighten all the screws, as the screws may loose during the long-time transport. Besides, the necessary things you need in your factory are water, electricity, gas and hydraulic oil.
6.1 Water
The water source can be a cooling pool pump system, also can be adopted according to the requirement of the finished products. The mold uses cooling water or all the system can also use cooling water from chiller.
If you have several machines, it is better for you to build a water pool to store water in your factory. The function of the water pool is the same as the water tower. Also, you need to connect the water chiller, as the water temperature of the water pool is not low enough to cool the mold.
The functions of the water are as follows:
To cool the mold
To cool the die head: If there is no water cooling on the die head, the sealing rings on the Servo cylinder may broken for the high temperature.

Water cooling on the die head
To cool the plasticating system: include the barrel, gearbox and the die head.
Water cooling on the plasticating system
To cool the blow pin: If the temperature of the blow pin is too high, the product mouth size will get small. To cool the robot: If you didn’t connect the water in the robot, the material will be stuck on the robot.
The water cooling on the robot

To cool the oil tank:There is a water cooler outside the oil tank.

Water cooler

6.2 Electricity
You can refer to the manual to know the total power needed to run the machine. Before you get a quotation from us, we also need to know the voltage and frequency of your country. When removing the electrical box before shipment, we will mark the number on the wires. It will be easier for you to connect all the wires. The grounding place will be better if close to the machine. If not grounded well, starting the machine is strictly prohibited.

6.3 Gas
You have to prepare the air tank and air compressor to provide the gas. Make sure the total air source pressure gauge reaches to 0.6. The pressure reducing valve reaches to 0.2.

Total air source

The total air source controls all the gas output. The pressure reducing valve is used for controlling all the actions need to use the air, such as robot open and pinch, air blow, low pressure blow.

6.4Hydraulic oil
Before operating the new machine, please fill the hydraulic oil into the oil tank.
Open the filter of the oil tank to fill in hydraulic oil N46# (when the environmental temperature is high) or N32# (when the environmental temperature is low). Check the oil level from view window on the side of oil tank, the oil level should be between Max. limitation and Min. limitation.

The view window of the oil tank
The oil in the small oil source is only used for supplying the parison oil tank to control the parison.
The view window of the small oil source
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