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This is double station and this is electric-hydraulic. It is high speed and energy-saving. The blow pin, die-head up & down, platform up & down is controlled by electric. The main movement is controlled by hydraulic servo system. Clamping unit is elbow style and the clamping force is big. This machine is suitable for the 20L~30L stacking jerry can. The main parts of this machine are designed and manufactured by ourself. We do the independent R&D and inspection. If you have other special requirements, we can provide customized services for you.

Product Application

Machine Details

Clamping unit, blow pin unit

Strong clamping force, mold movement fast and stable, clamping force uniform, long mold plate lifespan. Scientific template design hole position suitable for a variety of mold installation.

Up blow needle suit (single head to muti head) , suitable continous head machine. Blow pin design suitable, it can realize better cooling and cycle blowing air.

Electric system & hydraulic system

Mitsubishi PLCsystem and humanmachine interface control (Chinese & English language ). Touch screen operation. Setting parameters, changing parameters, searching, monitoring,fault diagnosis and other functions are done by the touch screen.

Hydraulic controlling system uses servo-controlled technologyto control the movements of actuators and all the elementsused in hydraulic system are famous brands, it has advantages as follow: quick response and high energy-efficiency. Optional hydraulic system could save about 50% energy.

Manufacture Better Extrusion Blow Molding Machine For You

Other Advantages


Oil can type: 1L conventional 70g 4L: 180-200g 5L: 200-240

First of all, ensure that the tube blank is straightened forward and backward, and then adjust the two adjustment screws behind the die.

Polish the mold sleeve.

1) Whether the die blast is too large, reduce the die blast;

2) The mold temperature is too low and the mold temperature needs to be increased;

3) The mold exhaust is not enough, and the mold exhaust is needed.

1) If the pressure is too small, increase the clamping pressure;

2) The mold overflow groove is too shallow, deepen the mold overflow groove;

3) The mold is not flat, adjust the mold to make it flat;

4) The template is not flat, adjust the template to make it flat.

Conventional products use cold cutting knives, which are more maneuverable; in the case of in-mold labeling, the product wall thickness is thinner, and the product materials are PP, PVC, PETG, and hot cutting knives are more suitable.

1) The clamping speed is too fast. Adjust the process time and close the mold slowly.

2) The knife edge of the mold is too sharp or has burrs, repair the knife edge.

3) The shape of the mold handle is unreasonable, and the details of the process are not considered in the design.

4) The die is too small or the die blast is too small. Enlarge the die or adjust the blasting process.

5) The tube embryo is not round enough and has wrinkles. Remake the die and increase the pressure of the die.

6) The mold temperature is too high, the material will be broken when the mold is closed. The mold temperature is controlled by cooling water and chiller.

7) For products with in-mold blowing handles:

①The blowing needle in the mold is short or the time of blowing needle is too early or too late.

②The design of the blowing needle cylinder in the mold is unreasonable. There are two types of cylinders, one is blowing while tying, only one action, which is not stable enough. The other is to pierce and blow, which is relatively stable, but has certain requirements for the machine itself, and the mold opening and closing stroke needs to be larger.

1) Adjust the corresponding wall thickness (but the effect is not very good)

2) Corresponding four-corner die trimming, because the material comes out of the die is a blank with uniform wall thickness, for a square product with four corners stretched larger, it needs to be placed at the corresponding four corners of the die Wear some, usually to repair the mold sleeve, and the segmented mold core can be repaired.

1) The cutter did not cut the material, and the mouth of the bottle did not open when the blowing needle went down, causing material to be carried. Solution:

① Observe whether the blade is blunt or damaged.

② Observe whether the screws fixing the blade are loose.

③Sometimes it has a certain relationship with die bulging and often blowing。

2) The size of the blow needle is wrong, and the blow needle size needs to be modified.

3) The angle of the mold knife edge is wrong or the diameter is too small, and the mold knife edge needs to be modified.

4) The process time is set incorrectly, adjust the pre-blowing time and the lower speed of the blowing needle.

1) Correct the abnormal shape of the die properly;2) The product is not cooled enough, and the cooling water temperature needs to be lowered, or the cycle should be appropriately extended;

The liquid level lines commonly used by our company are generally Φ22 and Φ30.
Φ22 is installed on the die head.
Φ30 is installed on the plasticizing system.
It can be installed later.
For a single die head machine, change the die head body, install a penetrating ring, add a throttle plug and throttle plug seat, and install an extrusion system.
For a multi-die machine, the die body, penetrating ring, throttle plug and throttle plug seat need to be multiplied by the corresponding number of die heads.

The height of the liquid medium in the container is called the liquid level, and a transparent line showing the liquid level on the container is called the liquid level line, which is used to facilitate the observation of the liquid level.


YES.Our equipment could realize the function of automatic flash removal
Automatic deflashing effect is decided by mold itself and mold material, also product shape, we will give best suggestion and scheme for your machine.
Machine output is decided by product volume and product widest diameter;meanwhile mold cooling environment. Therefore, the dimensions and weight of the product are first required, choose the right mold material for you according to your requirements.
Normally small continuous die head extrusion blow molding machines all has single station and double station , the difference is output , single station machine exist more round and back mold moving time.
Yes, we will engrave for you ,including LOGO(Company name ,Date, No,Tel etc... ). We will customize for you.

For some wide bottle mouths, larger diameter jars, and products that need to be plastic-sealed again in the later period, we recommend that you choose a rotary cut mouth.

We can make oblique products, but we need to look at the angle for details, so please send product pictures to confirm.
Yes, according to the customer's bottle type characteristics and labeling requirements, we recommend a suitable labeling machine. Generally, there are in-mold labeling, self-adhesive labeling, hot melt labeling and so on.
Need to provide the specific information of the old mold, our engineers help confirm whether it can be directly installed on our machine.



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